Monday, October 6, 2008

Basically, this blog exists so that you, my friends, can get a nice automatic rss notification when I update my web page at or my flickr page. That's it. Easy! All you have to do is subscribe and whenever I update I will put a little note here, which will let you know to come visiting. Sound good?


Anonymous said...

You stopped in Bulle and did not visit the cheese factory? And you call yourself a gastro******?

Next time stop and smell the Gruyere or at the very least have double cream with raspberries.

Welcome to switzerland. DOris and I have cats and a papillon dog so there...

Willa said...

Hello Kiriel,

You leaft a message on my blog - mentioning a mutual friend.

Sorry for not replying immediately, I was travelling.

Whom would that mutual friend be?

Best Regards